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We know it can be hectic to monitor the cleaning of your office along with all the files piled up on your desk. That is exactly why you need efficient & self-motivated services from a dedicated janitorial service provider.

We at A&A are in good shape to provide the following services for your office premises.

  • Office Cubicle Cleaning.
  • Long term Office Cleaning & Maintenance Services
  • Customized Janitorial Services
  • Maintaining small & large business premises
  • Colour Washing & Garden Maintenance
  • Light Beverage supply (tea/fresh Juice)

How do we work?

No sooner you have contacted us, we will dispatch our cleaning professional to further inspect and understand your requirement. Upon clear understanding of the requirements we will send you a proposal along with the price and schedule of our services. Upon your satisfaction, our team will be at your doorstep to do what we love doing- in style!

  Our Services  
  • Office Cleaning Services
    That cubicle you are working could be a host for endless germs and dust if it is not cleaned frequently. You might not have all the equipment to remove that unseen layer of dust from the edges of the partition. A&A cubicle cleaning service ensures consistent cleaning services that keeps your cubicle clean.

  • Customized Janitorial Services
    We understand that requirement differ from building to building and person to person. That is why we are ever ready to give you a plan that is tailor made to your requirement.
  • Maintaining small & large business premises
    Our experience enables us to cater to the demands of small and large janitorial service requirements alike.  

  • Colour Washing & Maintenance
    Colour washing your building can be the most critical yet overwhelming job at the same time. With A&A our mind is assured to be at ease, because our painting specialist provide you not only an efficient job, but also a adorning job that will beautify your walls.  
  • Light Beverage supply (tea/fresh Juice)
    We are also able to supply your office with light beverages such as tea and fresh Juice.  
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